Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Walking Dead Vol.14: NO WAY OUT


One thing that never ceases to amaze me with Robert Kirkman's "THE WALKING DEAD" is the fact each new volume I read leads to a moment where I'm left open mouthed and (to put it blunt) left wondering WHAT THE FUCK!?!

Volume 14: No Way Out came out last week and as the good little Walking Dead fan I am I'd had it pre-ordered for a while and was most excited to come home from work to discover it had arrived. So after I'd had my dinner I sat down with a brandy and started to read the next instalment in one of the best ongoing stories I've ever read.

Considering Volume 13:Too Far Gone was a bit of a slow one for me that picked up with a tense but cracking ending I was really looking forward to this as I'd seen whispering on the web about what the main story was going to involve with regards to the Alexandria Safe-Zone being attacked by a giant herd of zombies meaning the survivors are pretty much waiting for the moment they break their way in.

What I really enjoyed about this volume was that what I call the main cast didn't even seem safe to me and I seriously thought more than one of them were going to "Book out" so to speak. Each page I was turning over hoping upon hope I wasn't suddenly going to shocked that Andrea died or Glenn made a mistake and was eating by one of the undead.

Thankfully this doesn't happen to these two but one character that does come to an end here is the longest survivor apart from Rick who was in the comic from issue one and later returned full time in . Morgan Jones was a father who had lost his family in the undead apocalypse and was the first man Rick met after waking in hospital after Kirkman leaving us thinking we would never see him again it was a surprise when he returned.

Here though sees the final days of Morgan and although I do think it was probably a bit wrong for him to be brought back into the series after such a long time at least he gets a decent enough scene with Carl before Michonne puts him to sleep so to speak.

Speaking of Carl the picture below should pretty much cover it...

WHAT THE FUCK!?! This was the moment I was talking about earlier. When the group are finally overrun by zombies the character Douglas begins haphazardly shooting at them. As he is overtaken by a group, he fires his gun and accidentally shoots Carl in the head, destroying his eye and taking out a chunk of his face.
First off I think this is a pretty brave move by Kirkman to do such a radical thing as this. We get two for one in this volume. Not only do we see a young survivor get chomped on by the undead (a series highlight and a first) we see a major character get half his face shot off.

It will be interesting to see where the story goes now as it ends with Carl fighting for his life and Rick convinced that the community will be even stronger and they can really make a go of it in the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

For me it raises the question of where Kirkman will take the story now? Surely a massive attack of non dead folk is imminent (A biker gang perhaps?).

All I can say for now is that I really enjoyed NO WAY OUT and the five months until the next volume can't hurry up quick enough for me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First look at Henry Cavill and Amy Adams as Lois and Clark *FAKE*

Funnt thart my last blog post should be about Superman and then a few days later this picture of Henry Cavill and Amy Adams as Lois and Clark's released.

Not sure what I think at the moment. Why hasn't he got his glasses on?

What do you think?

*Since I posted this earlier today I've discovered this is FAKE. TUT!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why I don't like Superman Returns (2006)

As you know I’m a massive fan of Superman but one of my major gripes about Superman Returns is that Brandon Routh tries his best to do an impression of Christopher Reeve and it really gets on my tits. He’s just not able to pull it off and becomes a bit laughable and phony with it. I find the whole film really hard going. It’s just terrible isn’t it. Kevin Spacey is pretty good as Lex Luthor but he's no Gene Hackman.

As much as Bryan Singer tried to make an excellent Superman film he failed miserably.

*Five years later and I’m meant to believe Jimmy is still White’s bitch?
*Why the heck is young Clark wearing glasses in the flashback?
*The dog eating the other dog joke is so out of place.
*Clark is back/Superman is back. Hmmm, hang on isn’t that a clue?
*The bullet in the eye scene is rubbish.
*Kate Bosworth is the biggest miscasting for Lois Lane in film history.
*Super Kid, I mean WHAT THE FUCK!?!

Saying that though for all my gripes I still think Routh should of been given a second shot wearing the suit. Oh well, roll on 2012 and Director Zack Snyder's reboot called MAN OF STEEL and starring Henry Cavill as Superman. I have high hopes for it.

Robert Halfon's Great Aunty Mildred gets in touch with me...

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support in this circumstance. As a clear, hardcore, supporter of our future leader, the revered and respected, Robert Halfon, you will understand just as we do the importance of our cause and why your continued internet PR has been nothing but an exceptional boost to the 'Halfon for PM' campaign.

It is unfortunate that in this day and age people resort to sarcasm or vindictive posts on the internet when they are frightened by such incredible, promising and quite frankly, unique ideas for the future that Robert Halfon has. It is simply a case of simpler minds not comprehending the vision Robert has.

Thankfully however, your un-moveable allegiance to his cause has not gone unnoticed and as a result we would like to offer you the distinct opportunity to join us and Robert for drinks and nibbles at the prestigious William Aylmer, the local Wetherspoons, next Saturday at 7pm.

If you could RSVP ASAP so we can begin printing 'Robert Halfon - Future President of FIFA' leaflets and other media for distribution on the evening.

In closing, Thank You!

Kindest Regards,

Robert Halfon's Great Aunty Mildred

Who ever did thank you for making me laugh this morning. You really should own up though as it's a piece of comedy genius.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

MP Robert Halfon - Sponsored by PG Tips

You might remember me mentioning a few weeks back about a letter I wrote to my local paper regarding a poor woman who suffered terrible unprovoked verbal abuse for being overweight ( Read it here )
Well the Harlow Star did indeed print my letter and since then I've had many friends and colleagues tell me it was pretty good what I did and that I was 100% right #Smugmode.

Then this week I discovered Tory MP for Harlow Robert Halfon had decided to respond to the woman who had suffered.
While I'm not going to retype his letter here as to be honest I'd rather eat live wasps I will link to the article in his blog called The problem of childhood obesity which was basically what he was waffling on about in his letter. As you can see he doesn't really address what was being discussed but feel the need to shove more Conservative Big Society shite down out throats.
On the plus side though he did invite the poor lady in question to come and drink tea with him in the House of Commons.

Once again for the second time in as many weeks I got on the old email.
I can't help but notice Harlow MP Robert Halfon completely missed the point in his letter (Compassion, not abuse) in last weeks Harlow Star.
Not only is it completely odious of him to plug himself and his agenda off the back of someone suffering verbal abuse I'm wondering how drinking cups of tea in the House of Commons will help?
I look forward to seeing Mr.Halfon put forward his scheme to The Prime Minister "Prevent bullying by drinking pg tips."

Can't say that I'm that convinced they will print this one.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

RIP Roy Skelton (20 July 1931 – 8 June 2011)

Roy Skelton, the actor who died on June 8 aged 79, provided the voices for many characters on British television over nearly 50 years, notably Zippy and George, the much-loved puppets in the popular children’s television show Rainbow; he was also one of the original Daleks in Dr Who.
Beginning with The Evil of the Daleks, he was a Dalek between 1967 and 1988, uttering such classic lines as “You will be exterminated!” and “That is an order! Obey!” He also provided voices for the Cybermen and the Krotons.

So many classic Doctor Who legends seem to be dying at the moment it's so very sad.
While I'm more of a fan of Nick Brigg's Dalek voices these days there is no doubt Mr Skelton's would of been the first I'd heard as a fan of Doctor Who back in the 80's. He would of been the first Dalek voice to drive that never ending fear into my heart.

RIP Sir.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

A few quick thoughts on Superman The Movie (1978)

When it comes to Superman The Movie some of you may remember that I've mentioned before how personal this film is to me.

This is the first film after Return Of The Jedi I started obsessing over and that was mainly down to me meeting my friend James back in nursery school.
He adored everything about the film (and Christopher Reeve) and it rubbed off on me. I remember hours of playing Superman as little kids. The only down part for me at the time was I always had to be Lex Luthor to his Superman lol! Nice memories, unfortunately James passed away a few years ago but because of him my love for everything Superman continues and will carry on I imagine until I am telling my great grand kids that the cartoon "Superman 3000" isn't a patch on the Superman in my day.

So anyway, Superman The Movie. There is no way I will ever get bored of this film.

Marlon Brando has me from the moment he appears on the screen as Jor-El and condemns Zod and co to the Phantom Zone. I know at the time he got paid a stupid amount of money for his small amount of screen time but I think he is definitely worth it. The scenes with him in have always left a lasting impression with me.

Christopher Reeve himself will always be my Superman. His portray of Clark Kent has is touching and he does such a good job in the first film. His Superman is the best and although in later films I think he lost his way a bit (I'll save that though for now) he shines here.

One scene that sticks in my head is the one with a young Clark after Jonathan dies and he says - "All those powers. And I couldn't even save him"
Chokes me up every time and funny enough doesn't feature Reeve (well, his voice is in it).

Margot Kidder is stunning as Lois Lane. I've often wondered if Teri Hatcher based her Lois on Margot Kidders version from the first film? I think there are a few similarities.
My favourite scene with her is the first time she meets Superman and nose dives down the side of the building after falling from the helicopter.
The scene with her during the earthquake and when Superman loses it used to scare me as a child.

Gene Hackman is 100% quality as Lex Luthor. I've said before he is my absolute favourite apart from maybe John Shea who even I'll admit is a close second when it comes to playing Luthor.

A wonderful film.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Michael Rooker. A fine actor and a really nice chap.

Thought I'd share with you a brief twitter conversation I had with Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer actor and now every ones favourite zombie apocalypse survivor and racist Michael Rooker.

Michael Rooker played Merle Dixon in the much anticipated and well received drama "The Walking Dead". Based on Robert Kirkman's long running comic series about a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse it's finally hit the small screen last year on FX and then hit Channel 5 earlier this year.

Anyway, I was trying to be clever and thought I'd do my best to see if I could worm any info out of him to find out if Merle will be returning in season 2 after it was clearly left open for him to do so.

@Jamie_Dodger_ - Hi @Michael Rooker How is filming on season 2 of The Walking dead going?

@Michael Rooker - they tell me it's hot as hell.....

@Jamie_Dodger_ - Damn you Mr Rooker for not giving anything away. I thought I could trick you into giving away some sort of details. lol ;)

@Jamie_Dodger_ - Andrew Lincoln has a huge fan base over here in the UK. We hope America loves him as much as we do.

@Michael_Rooker - He is a good person......I'm told that I have a good lil fan base on ur side of the pond as that true?

@Jamie_Dodger_ - HELL YES! And like others I'm hoping we have not seen the last of Merle. Are you tweeting from your on-set trailer.

@Michael_Rooker - ur to easy to

@Jamie_Dodger_ - Yes.Unfortunately I am. Although I deserve points for trying surely? Thank you all the same for responding to me.

@Michael_Rooker - hahaha.....kick start that michael rooker fanbase in the UK for me......u never know, i might get over that way one day...

@Jamie_Dodger_ - I'm not sure if everyone will like the tagline "He's your favourite Character actor racist" but I'll give it a go. All the best sir.

@Michael_Rooker - lol, we will see, we will see......

What a lovely chap. I so hope Merle returns in season 2. If he doesn't I'll be most surprised.