Sunday, February 03, 2013


Four men who form a neighbourhood watch group as a way to get out of their day-to-day family routines and find themselves defending the Earth from an alien invasion.
 I'm really not sure why so many people dislike The Watch? I saw it for the first time this week and thought it was one of the funniest films I'd seen in a long time. It's a crazy fun movie you can watch with your friends and have a good laugh at.
Ben Stiller is a bit hit and miss for me with his movies but I really liked him in this. Just like Vince Vaughn who is hilarious along with Jonah Hill who I've never seen in a movie before. For me though Richard Ayoade, our very own Brit was the funniest in this film. I've seen him in The Mighty Boosh and I.T Crowd and it's nice to see his humor comes through on the big screen as well.
I think some people were just expecting Independence day or Invasion of The Bodysnatchers?
Lots of comedies weren't big hits when they were released, but gained cult status later on so I hope this get's the recognition it deserves eventually.