Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why I don't like Superman Returns (2006)

As you know I’m a massive fan of Superman but one of my major gripes about Superman Returns is that Brandon Routh tries his best to do an impression of Christopher Reeve and it really gets on my tits. He’s just not able to pull it off and becomes a bit laughable and phony with it. I find the whole film really hard going. It’s just terrible isn’t it. Kevin Spacey is pretty good as Lex Luthor but he's no Gene Hackman.

As much as Bryan Singer tried to make an excellent Superman film he failed miserably.

*Five years later and I’m meant to believe Jimmy is still White’s bitch?
*Why the heck is young Clark wearing glasses in the flashback?
*The dog eating the other dog joke is so out of place.
*Clark is back/Superman is back. Hmmm, hang on isn’t that a clue?
*The bullet in the eye scene is rubbish.
*Kate Bosworth is the biggest miscasting for Lois Lane in film history.
*Super Kid, I mean WHAT THE FUCK!?!

Saying that though for all my gripes I still think Routh should of been given a second shot wearing the suit. Oh well, roll on 2012 and Director Zack Snyder's reboot called MAN OF STEEL and starring Henry Cavill as Superman. I have high hopes for it.


  1. WONDERFUL ACTOR,and also good looking.

  2. Is THE FIRST time we can believe he can BE a SUPERMAN! Thanks§