Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Walking Dead Vol.14: NO WAY OUT


One thing that never ceases to amaze me with Robert Kirkman's "THE WALKING DEAD" is the fact each new volume I read leads to a moment where I'm left open mouthed and (to put it blunt) left wondering WHAT THE FUCK!?!

Volume 14: No Way Out came out last week and as the good little Walking Dead fan I am I'd had it pre-ordered for a while and was most excited to come home from work to discover it had arrived. So after I'd had my dinner I sat down with a brandy and started to read the next instalment in one of the best ongoing stories I've ever read.

Considering Volume 13:Too Far Gone was a bit of a slow one for me that picked up with a tense but cracking ending I was really looking forward to this as I'd seen whispering on the web about what the main story was going to involve with regards to the Alexandria Safe-Zone being attacked by a giant herd of zombies meaning the survivors are pretty much waiting for the moment they break their way in.

What I really enjoyed about this volume was that what I call the main cast didn't even seem safe to me and I seriously thought more than one of them were going to "Book out" so to speak. Each page I was turning over hoping upon hope I wasn't suddenly going to shocked that Andrea died or Glenn made a mistake and was eating by one of the undead.

Thankfully this doesn't happen to these two but one character that does come to an end here is the longest survivor apart from Rick who was in the comic from issue one and later returned full time in . Morgan Jones was a father who had lost his family in the undead apocalypse and was the first man Rick met after waking in hospital after Kirkman leaving us thinking we would never see him again it was a surprise when he returned.

Here though sees the final days of Morgan and although I do think it was probably a bit wrong for him to be brought back into the series after such a long time at least he gets a decent enough scene with Carl before Michonne puts him to sleep so to speak.

Speaking of Carl the picture below should pretty much cover it...

WHAT THE FUCK!?! This was the moment I was talking about earlier. When the group are finally overrun by zombies the character Douglas begins haphazardly shooting at them. As he is overtaken by a group, he fires his gun and accidentally shoots Carl in the head, destroying his eye and taking out a chunk of his face.
First off I think this is a pretty brave move by Kirkman to do such a radical thing as this. We get two for one in this volume. Not only do we see a young survivor get chomped on by the undead (a series highlight and a first) we see a major character get half his face shot off.

It will be interesting to see where the story goes now as it ends with Carl fighting for his life and Rick convinced that the community will be even stronger and they can really make a go of it in the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

For me it raises the question of where Kirkman will take the story now? Surely a massive attack of non dead folk is imminent (A biker gang perhaps?).

All I can say for now is that I really enjoyed NO WAY OUT and the five months until the next volume can't hurry up quick enough for me.

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