Monday, May 23, 2011

Vile people in Harlow shocker!!!

I don't often see the local paper at my house mainly because the kid who is meant to deliver them seems to dump them at places unknown. This week though I had a look through it and came across this letter to the editor.

I was born and brought up in Harlow and had four children. Over the years I have struggled to lose weight.
I was coming to the point of thinking that I was doing really well, eating better and was feeling quite good about myself until I encountered four young women in The Stow area.
As I walked ahead of them, the comments such a "look, there's your twin" and "You must be joking, she's a right state" as well as their laughter made me want to cry.
Their comments were hurtful but I couldn't believe four adults - two with children in buggies - could have the audacity and boldness to be so openly insulting about someone they had never met or who had ever done anything to them.
Perhaps I am being naive in thinking that even if someone thought someone was a "state" they would keep it to themselves. As it stands, I was severely affected by their comments but will soldier on for my own sake and self-esteem to be who I want to be.

Not only after reading that did I feel totally sad how this women had been treated I was reminded of the same sort of sly comments I get from less intelligent folks on nearly a weekly basis. So I thought I'd pen my own letter to the paper in response to this poor womans.
I had to respond to the letter in last weeks paper regarding the incident with the lady being taunted in the stow.
What happened to her isn't nice at all. I suffer from much the same on a weekly basis from idiots that should know better, and although the jibes I receive are not weight related I learned to ignore such vile people a long time ago. I would tell her she is by far the better person then these small minded idiots ever will be and as hard as it can be sometimes don't let them get to you.
If the people that acted in such a rapungent way actually took a moment to look at themselves they would probably never comment on others ever again.

I've no idea if it will be printed but I'll share it with you anyway. Cheers.

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