Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tomytronic 3D - 80's childhood nostalgia at it's finest

Anyone else remember these?

I found them yesterday afternoon while looking in a box of old stuff and I'm trying to find some AA's to give them a little blast again. Took a few pics to show people. I seem to remember having the SHARK ATTACK one as well but it wasn't with the others. These kept me amused for hours back in the early/mid 80's and from my research this morning these TT3D's can go for rather a lot of £££££ on ebay.

Turbo Racer.

Sky Attack.

If you still have no idea what these are I've taken this from wiki -
The Tomytronic 3D was a series of portable, handheld gaming devices released in the 1980s by Takara Tomy Co., Ltd. The device featured a strap so the player would be able to wear it our his or her neck in between playing. The Tomytronic simulated 3D by having two LED panels that were lit by external light through a window on top of the device.

Seven games were released:

Skyfighters (AKA Dog Fight/Tandy Sky Duel)
Thundering Turbo (AKA Cosmos Lemans/Turbo Racer/Thundering Turbos)
Sky Attack (AKA Tank Attack)
Shark Attack (AKA Jaws 3D[1])
Planet Zeon (AKA Space Laser War/Space Attack)
Jungle Fighter
Sherman Attack
In some markets, games were released with a different name as above. One game, Skyfighters, was licensed by Tandy and renamed Tandy Sky Duel. The rarest of the seven games are Jungle Fighter and Sherman Attack, both believed to have been released in Japan only

As an added bonus I also found in the same box...

Astro Wars.

Childhood nostalgia at it's finest.


  1. I remember Astro Wars.I'll need to show you my pic of Firefox F-7