Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to get blocked by Keith Chegwin on Twitter

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Having only got really into Twitter over the last week I've been following anyone and everyone (I'm sure I'll get bored soon).

One of the people I've been following is Keith Chegwin. Keith has been known for ages on Twitter for the terrible jokes he tweets on a daily basis.
Not so bad you might think but he seems to spam the whole page with 20 in one go which I find most annoying.

So this morning while on Twitter I posted "Anyone else want to rip their own eyes out after reading @thekeithchegwins shite jokes?" or words to that effect.

Not half an hour later he sent me a message. Nice of him really and he does have a point.

I shouldn't of tagged him in the tweet thinking about it.

And I've discovered he blocked my from his page.


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