Monday, May 24, 2010

Chris Moyles - He's annoying isn't he?

I had to suffer Radio One last week and I do mean suffer. Am I getting old? I'm 31 now and I was listening to Moyles and co-hosts and either I'm old and boring or I just don't get this mundane sense of humour. I just wanted to hear a record, any record so I could at least wake up a little but all I got was 20 minutes of him talking about North Wales and some twat asking for a Shepard's pie in Welsh.

I always thought with humour - any humour be it stand up or in a TV Show or everyday life - you say something once and people laugh and remember it if it's funny enough. In the world of Moyles he has to repeat a joke or a so called comedy phrase about 70 times in ten minutes. It's as if the bloke is so insecure and worried that his audience don't get it he has to drill it in.

And as for audience, I'm always baffled how figures are produced. I don't know how many millions of listeners he is supposed to have but how do they gather the information to provide this? The last government didn't even know how many people were living in the country - so how can anybody guess who listens to what radio station at what time!?!

Incidentally I met Moyles at a Spurs game a few years back when I was at White Hart Lane with my little brother and I was rather proud of the fact that having chatted with him for a good five minutes I ended the conversation saying I was "More of an XFM fan anyway".

I ended up tuning into Radio Two in the end because at least you can hear a few tunes without a load of nonsensical bollocks inbetween.

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