Wednesday, June 02, 2010

SFX print my letter about Doctor Who's new theme tune in #197

Much to my suprise and mainly because I forget I'd ever emailed it I discovered yesterday that my favourite magazine printed my letter regarding the new theme tune for Doctor Who. Thought I'd share it with you below along with a YouTube link to the actual theme.

I love the new theme which saw it's first outing with 'The Eleventh Hour'. I wasn't sure at first but it has grown on me now I have listened to it a few times. The Moff said he was trying to bring some of the old stuff back into the programme and it's pretty clear the theme is a nod to this. People forget he's been heavily influenced by watching the show as a kid and I think the titles and the theme all have influences from past doctors going back now 30 years. I think the new theme is a cross between 80's Who and the NuWho theme from Russell T Davies era. Murray Gold has come up trumps again and I am so glad he continued to write the music for the relaunch. Thumbs up all around from me SFX.
Oh, and before I forget that bloke called Matt Smith is fantastic isn't he.

So what do you think of the new theme? Have you grown to love it or does it still make your ears bleed?


  1. No bleeding, no. Just a slow, lazy seepage of ambivalent meh-juice from my ears. I want my dungity-dungs back.

    Oh, and before I forget, yes. Yes he is.

  2. I actually really like it, like you said it's a bit of both. It has the right elements from the older, more haunting tune and enough of the RTD era to be adventurous.

    Personally, if it had stayed the same I think it would have seemed out of place. Because it's such a big turnover from David to Matt, it's better that things are being changed. This way there's less of a comparison between the two.

    If that made any sense... :S

    Anywho, he is indeed absolutely fantastic! :D

  3. I still find the original Delia Derbyshire theme the most haunting, and that's not simply because it's the original. The present theme is okay, but it feels like there's too much going on, it's all a bit too busy...

  4. The new Who theme demonstrates conclusively how little Murray Gold understands about how and why the original theme works. It's like a rock band playing the drum line on lead guitar while the drummer hits the skins in the rhythm of the vocals ... a total mess.