Monday, April 23, 2012

Crazy pensioners with wheels!

Probably wasn't paying attention while driving on the M11

Before I start this rant I would like to point out that I have the up most respect for elderly people of this country. They should all be treated far better than they are. Apart frome when it comes to one thing.

When it comes to mobility scooters I honestly can't understand how some of these elderly folk are allowed to use them. I've had a few "run ins" in the past with such folk and to be honest I think it's about time there was some sort of check to make sure they can be used safely.

I remember a time when I was bashed in the leg by someone on a mobility scooter. The apology went as follows.

"Sorry love I'm blind in my left eye so I didn't see you".

Erm, if you are blind in one eye than why feck are you using one of these things in the first place? Let's be honest some of these scooters are built like a Sherman tank and you wouldn't be out of place thinking that some of the people that drive them have some sort of Dictator mentality going on. It's like they expect people to move out of their way in a matter of seconds as they have a group of people they need to get to and oppress.

An upcoming model of mobility scooter

Isn't it about time it was compulsory for some of these people to be trained how to drive a scooter? And medical checks should be a must? If you can't see out of one eye I'm pretty sure that it's dangerous to be on one of these.

And don't get me started on the ones that drive on the roads. I think the main speed limit these are meant to go are 8mph but I can tell you now I'm sure you should be going at that speed in a busy supermarket like ASDA which is full of people.

For now though if I get hit by one again I'm going to disconnect the battery and let the tyres down. See how they get home then. Infact if I've been really hurt that might be a bad idea as I could ask them for a lift to Casualty.

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