Sunday, August 14, 2011


Recently Oscar worthy actor Shia LaBeouf confirmed that Indiana Jones 5 in the works. On discovering this I couldn't help but think this news sounds a bit shite to me. (Read more HERE)

While I really did enjoy The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull it did end there for me and I've no interest at the moment in new film. I'd also have trouble seeing what direction a 5Th movie could go in? of course they could always use this idea -

Indy buys his son Mutt a new car which happens to transform into a guardian robot protector. Both Jones' need to track down and find this cube to destroy before the evil Inca robot (Incatron) wants it to grow stronger. They meet other robots along the way. A giant battle with edits every second possible which are physically impossible to make out and unneeded explosions every ten seconds is the films finale.

I reckon if George Lucas and Michael Bay made a movie together the Doomsday Clock would reach 12:00am and the world would end.

One thing is for sure though. If we do get a 5Th Indy film I bet it will be in stupid bloody 3D. Tut!

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