Friday, August 19, 2011

Giant plant pots in Harlow don't float my boat.

I wrote a letter today to my local paper regarding THIS article.


I was most shocked to read that a total of £65,000 has been spent on the disgusting giant plant pots now in residence in market square.
Not only is this a shocking waste of money spent by the council I also can't help but wonder which genius came up with the idea to build a play area opposite Yates? Plenty of places in the town need money to make them great again but Harlow council have once again messed their priority's up completely. I look forward to reading in a future edition of the Star how the council have spent £70,000 on four giant gnomes to go next to the plant pots in market square.

What do you think? Too much?


  1. I think this has hit the nail on the head... I really do!

    I saw two 'workers' sitting in them having their lunch but my husband told me I wasn't allowed to embarrass him by taking a picture :(