Sunday, May 29, 2011

Star Trek: Nemesis - Not the best ending for Next Generation but also not the worst

Right, I am going to become a person of ridicule here but I love Star Trek: Nemesis.
I don't know why exactly when it is clear most people can't stand it but I am not ashamed of this fact
It is my 2nd favourite Next Generation crew film after the awesome First Contact.

I like the opening of the film with Praetor Jim Robinson and how the whole Romulan council's wiped out. Nice little scene and I've always liked how they just seem to crumble away.

I'll be the first to admit the Wedding reception scenes are cringe worthy in some places. Data getting told to "Shut up", a rather chunky Worf suffering from to much Romulan ale and Guinans "23 was my limit" spring to mind.
Is it correct to assume that Worf has been reassigned back to Enterprise when this films starts? It's just I always get my DS9 continuity mixed up when it comes to the Next Generation films.
But even then there are some really lovely bits showing how close the crew are and how now it is the right time for Riker to leave and take his own command (It took bloody long enough).
Picards "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be in the gym" line once they are on their way to Betazed is very funny.

Lovely cameo by Kate Mulgrew as Admiral Kathryn Janeway but did she only get that rank after getting home from the Delta Quadrant? There is also a cool mention of the Dominion war and Shinzons experiances in it.

The Argo on Kolarus is a great scene. Enough said on that.

I can understand the whole annoyance of B-4 and how he makes Data's death seem cheap and a complete waste of time but I really don't think it does.
Who says Data isn't allowed to live-on in a different body (be it one that through most of the film is a pain in the arse with the way it speaks). He's not Spock is he? And if anything this is far more plausable for him to return then Vulcans favourite son.

I know Shinzon has been compared to a poor mans Khan but I have always loved the character and I love his costume and how the light reflects off it. If I'm going to be honest (And at the risk of sounding like a sad bastard) it's one of my favourite film costumes of all time.
As you know I'm a Tom Hardy fan and this was the first time I became aware of him. I read on-line at one point Jude Law and James Marsters were both considered for the role. I think he does a good job and only suffers pantomime villain syndrome a few times. The scene showing the telepathic form of rape he commits on Troi is shocking but it does the job of disturbing me. I think it is a brave scene for a Trek film.
Picard using a piece of wreckage to impale Shinzon is brutal and I think it is a powerful scene to see him use the last of his strength to pull himself down it and grab Picard by the throat.
Ron Perlman as the Viceroy is pretty cool but I'll admit the fight he has with wobbly Riker is a bit of a no-no. I am wondering though are the Remuns mutants of Romulans/Vulcans? I'm sure I've missed this and Memory Alpha does not cover it. anyone know?
I also like how this film implies there will be some sort of peace negotiations between Romulus and the Federation.

Personally I though this film finishes on the perfect moment for Star Trek to be reborn again for the reboot movie that came out in 2009.
It's not the best film for the Next Generation crew to bow out on but I don't think it deserves the crap it gets as well.

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