Monday, May 03, 2010

An idea for Jim Cameron concerning Avatar 2...

The film starts where a different alien life form crashes on Pandora. These life forms are lethal though and breed by impregnating embryos into the Navi. Then when the creatures burst from the unlucky Navi chests and grow the whole world is threatened by them and Jake has to send an SOS back to Earth asking for help.

Once the 'company' get wind of the creatures (the very thing they can use in their bio weapon division) they send a whole army of Colonial Marines.
By the time they get there though (4 years later, space travel time to Pandora) the Navi have already heroically defeated the creatures meaning the company miss out on this other alien so they decide to try and take over Pandora again. Which leads nicely into the third film when some dread-lock crab faced dudes turn up looking for a bit of a hunting session.

This may or may not be a serious post.

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