Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm fine being an adoptive uncle...

I don't know what it is about me but my friends kids think I'm amazing. And the majority of them have adopted me as an unofficial uncle. You might think I'm blowing my own trumpet here but I've been told a number of times by  friends that their children love me.
While I can't help but think how awesome this is (and also wonder why) it also reminds me of the fact I'll probably not have any children of my own.

"WHY!?!!" I hear you all cry.

Well to be honest I wouldn't want any child of mine to go through all the same problems I had when I was a kid. Is that a bit selfish of me to think that? Am I overreacting even? Who knows.
As far as I am aware I'm the first in my family to have the condition so that doesn't really bode well for me really does it? Statistics show there is a chance a child of mine could be born with the condition.

This brings me back to what I started off talking about in the first place which was friends children. I love socialsing with my friends and their kids as not only is it cool to hang out I feel like I'm helping the next generation understand that not everyone is born the same. Of course you could argue that these children are far too young to notice anything anyway (and you are no doubt correct) but it's cool having a little kid that might only see you a couple of times a month tell you how much they like you and clearly want to cause you hassle.By either scaring the life out of you by doing something unpredictable or showing you their new Kung-Fu Panda moves by kicking you in the unmentionables.

Of course the other good thing about friends kids has to be that I can feed them all sorts of stuff, play with them, work them up into a sugar frenzy... and then go home and not have to deal with them when they are refusing to go to sleep for their mum and dad.

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