Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A whining kid a hospital and a fantastic mum...

After my blog about having a cleft lip and insensitive old women yesterday it got me thinking about when I used to spend a lot of time in Great Ormond Street hospital when I was a kid. Despite the cleft lip a palate issues I also had issues with my feet and hands as well. This in itself wasn't what I was remembering to be honest. What I was remembering was what an absolute legend my mum was.

While my dad used to look after my little brother (I only had one bro back in the mid 80's) she always used to take me into london to hospital be it for a day appointment or for an actual operation.
Nothing like having your mum around but looking back now as a 5yr old kid getting poked and prodded with needles and having endless operations I was seriously scared with what was going on and I don't think I've ever told her what a true legend she was when it comes to being there.
She was always the first last person I saw before I was put under anesthetic and the first person I saw when I woke up all groggy and miserable as hell. I also remember her going home on the tube and trains back to Harlow (ON HER OWN) at times I would try and avoid doing these days at the age of 32.

My mum is a legend. Cheers mum x

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