Monday, August 29, 2011

Andrew Robinson - He was the best thing in Deep Space Nine innit!

Recently while watching the classic Clint Eastwood film Dirty Harry I couldn't help but wonder where the hell I knew the Scorpio Killer from?
Once I remembered I had the internet at my fingertips I did what anyone would do and looked him up on imdb.
Much to my amazement I discovered it was Garak from Deep Space Nine himself Mr Andrew Robinson.
Robinson was offered the role of Garak after he originally auditioned for the role of Odo, which eventually went to Rene Auberjonois. He almost did not accept the role, but was pressured into accepting for financial reasons. Like the character, he is claustrophobic and at first had trouble performing in heavy makeup. His character was originally intended to appear in only one episode, but eventually became one of the most frequent recurring characters of the series, appearing in 37 of the 176 episodes as the writers of the show enjoyed working with the character. Originally meant to be an antagonist, the character became more sympathetic as the show progressed, and became one of the main protagonists by the end of the series. Robinson has described the role as being complex, he has said in a interview that, "the subtext is far more powerful than the actual text. Garak for me was like an iceberg. The tip is easy to define, but it's the rest of the character that's the challenge."

I personally can't fault any episode of DS9 which had Garak in. They were all so very good and he was one of the best characters in all of the Trek shows.
I absolutely love Andrew Robinson and looking through the films and tv shows he's been in it turns out I've been completely oblivious to his being in other shows I'm also a fan of.

Andrew Robinson I salute you.

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