Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Trailer From San Diego Comic-Con

As you know from my previous blog post, yesterday at the San Diego Comic-Con saw the cast and crew of the show take to the stage to talk about season 2. The session featured the release of the new trailer which sent fans insane.

We wouldn't be geeks though without some folks moaning about how things in this trailer never happened in the graphic novels (Although the "Shane is still alive" debate seems to of passed on now).
I think people need to stop comparing things that feature in this to the graphic novel storyline as a negative thing. As you know I'm also a massive fan of Kirkman's books but I can see the changes that need to be made to make this TV show awesome (and it is awesome isn't it).

To be blunt this trailer makes me sex wee. I so can't wait.

Check it out.

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