Sunday, July 17, 2011

Doctor Who Series 6: Part 1. Most Disappointing.

I bought the first part of series 6 on dvd last Friday and once again I'm of the opinion a mid-season finale was a very bad idea. Not only were the first seven episodes of series 6 most unsatisfactory (apart from The Doctor's wife), to suddenly end it with a poor finale like it did just added to my "Don't really care" factor for it's return later in the year.
I was a huge supporter of The Moff when he was announced as show runner but now I'm changing my mind as he seems to be throwing in unneeded twists and confusing story arcs that even he seems to be have trouble keeping up.
While a lot of people got bored with Russell T. Davies by the end of his run I think he managed to get the balance right across seasons and while Season 3 isn't a favourite of every ones I think It had just the right amount of arcness(?) about it to make it enjoyable. Season 3 is still probably my favourite series since the show returned.
For now though while Matt Smith continues to shine as the 11Th Doctor I'm afraid he seems to be suffering a lot like Colin Baker did back in the mid-80's when John Nathan-Turner was doing his best to run the show into the ground.

Hopefully the second part of series 6 will pick up. It has to with an episode titled "Let's Kill Hitler" doesn't it?

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