Sunday, March 20, 2011

Was This Movie really the reason Why Superman Worked Alone?

Right. As a tribute to the 60's Batman show this film is fantastic.
There. I have said it...
If Joel Schumacher's goal was to make a kid-friendly Batman adventure romp, then he succeeded. Yes I agree its bad but its actually perfect for kids and seeing as I have the mentality of a child that's probably why I enjoy it. I'll admit it's mind numbingly stupid but whats not to enjoy about bat puns, plant puns, ice puns and bird puns? I also love the sets in this they are fantastic.
While the bat costumes are dodgy (although remove the nips and they would be alright) I've always loved the Mr Freeze costume. In fact I always thought Arnie would of been a great Mr Freeze if the script had not been so poor and he wasn't such a shite actor. Oh and the fact he suffers from Sean Connery syndrome by not being able to do any accent apart from his own.
His evil plan regarding turning Gotham into a giant ice cube it up there with turning all the world leaders into small dust piles. People forget this film does have a serious side, with Alfred's failing health (Even more poignant after this weeks sad death of Michael Gough) and the tragic story of Mr. Freeze and his wife. The less said about Uma Thurman though the better and as for Bane he's alright...hmmm.
I still think George Clooney is far better than Kilmer who was just meh! in my opinion. Although his portrayal is a far cry from the tortured soul whose parents were gunned down right before his eyes.
Chris O'Donnell is ok as Robin but I think he was a lot better in the previous film. I wonder what Christian Blae would of been like
One thing I've never understood is why Barbara is Alfred's niece and not Gordon's daughter? I also think she should of kept the helmet piece we see her wear on her Bat-bike which was like Batman's mask. That would of been far better.
"Bruce it's me Barbara"...No sh*t! Alicia Silverstone.

Barbara: Partners?
Dick: Partners.
Bruce: Partners.
Alfred: We're going to need a bigger cave.

RIP Batman movies until 2005 lol.

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