Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog!?! Nah, I was an 8bit Dizzy Egg fan.

Anyone remember The Dizzy series of computer games? They were published by Codemasters and were one of the most successful European computer game brands of the late 1980s. They were based around an intelligent egg-like creature called Dizzy and would typically involve him trying to save his friends and family the Yolkfolk from the schemes of his arch nemesis the evil wizard Zaks.

Most of the games in the series were platform games, with an emphasis on puzzle solving, similar to graphic adventures. As Dizzy you would roam around various fairytale-like locations, collecting objects, interacting with other characters, and solving logical puzzles. Rather than jumping in the conventional platform-game way, Dizzy would somersault and roll around the landscape; hence the name "Dizzy".

Dizzy played an important part in my younger days as a gamer. I started off with a commodore 64 way back in the 80s and the first game on tape (Yes TAPE!) I owned for the computer was Dizzy.

I found a website called Dizzy Age yesterday which allows people to create their own Dizzy games and download the original game and others made by fans.
As you can imagine I'm having a bit of a nostalgic moment playing it all over again. I also remember how frustrating they wereto play but as of yet I've not chucked my lap top across the room.


  1. Yes!!! Many a day spent waiting for it to load then the rest of it playing it. Great memories, it is an important part of my childhood. Games have come a long way since then, but the only game that's hooked me in the same way is mario. I would love to play it again but wouldn't have a clue how to get it! Did it seem easier now your older? I remember thinking I was gonna explode with frustration! Ah the 80's

  2. I recommend Dizzy in Russia (Dizzy X/Y). Also all official games (except Fantastic Adventures for NES/Sega MegaDrive) was ported to PC (Dizzy Age engine) and can be downloaded on