Friday, April 30, 2010

Star Trek: The Cage (Original Pilot episode) - A few thoughts.

'The Cage'was the first pilot episode of the original Star Trek series and resulting franchise. It was completed in early 1965, but not broadcast on television in its complete form until 1988. The episode was written by Gene Roddenberry and directed by Robert Butler.
It had most of the essential features of Star Trek, yet the Captain of the star ship USS Enterprise was not James T. Kirk, but Christopher Pike.
Spock was present, but not as First Officer. That role was taken by a character known only as Number One, played by the adorable Majel Barrett (Wife of the shows creator Gene). Spock's character differs somewhat from that seen in the rest of Star Trek: he displays a youthful eagerness that would end up out of place with the more reserved, logical Spock that is better known. He also gets the first line in all of Star Trek: "Check the circuit!"
Would anyone here who has seen it agree with me when I say 'Enterprise' was a lot like this pilot episode? I can't really put my finger on it but there is just something there that makes me think of Archer and his crew. Maybe it was their attitudes?

Spock and his repeated smiling was ever so confusing for me while watching this and as much as it pains me to admit it, it becomes obvious Leonard Nimoy does not appear to of found his way when it comes to Star Trek yet (I still love him though).
It does make me wonder when watching this though if someone had said to Mr Nimoy back then that he would still be playing Spock 45yrs from when this was filmed if he would of told them to bugger off and stop being so stupid at suggesting such a thing.
Something else that makes me chuckle are the casual sexist remarks from Captain Pike (Although it's a sign of the times I suppose)
At the end of the day all this pilot was about was the Captain of the Enterprise getting his leg over to help repopulate the planet (Good gig if you can get it).
The Talosians with their huge pulsating heads are fantastic and I like how the veins in their heads bulge when the communicate.
In fact the effects for this whole episode are really good considering when this was made.

Finally, Majel Barrett.
She truly was a Beautiful woman all through her life (I hope she is resting in peace now after only passing away last year) with Eugene and they are both looking down on the renewed success Trek has become again.x
Star Trek is back and better then ever but let's not forget where it all began.

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